Help Your Business or Event With a Scrolling Sign

From the beginnings of modern marketing, signs have been an integral part of every business’ presence. Each business needs unique signs to show people its name, when it is open and what needs it serves in the community. Growing from wooden signs to signs made of glass and plastic composites with neon lights, signs have taken another step forward with the ability to scroll text.

Technology has advanced to where many pictures are scrolled to show multiple images. With the use of energy-efficient LEDs, even billboards shine brightly for eye-catching marketing during the day or at night. Scrolling signs meet the everyday needs of modern marketing, which is the need to attract consumers’ attention to the business in an attractive medium.

With scrolling signs, more information about a given business is shown, or the sign can simply enhance the marketing message that is already displayed. A business that wants to give extra punch to its next marketing campaign is smart to include the sleek, power-packed messaging a scrolling sign can give.

Popular Signage Styles

One of the most popular ways to advertise products or ideas outside the online world is through the use of signs. There are many different sign styles, and each has its own specific applications, such as banners, scrolling signs, large-format, digital printed decals, pylon or even neon signs. Popular signage styles include the following types.

Banners and static displays

The most affordable options for signs are static displays, such as banners, posters or A-frames. They are best suited to draw attention to a particular business with simple visual static messages, such as slogans, directions and logos. Most models are now digitally printed, weatherproofed canvases perfect for outdoor use.

Neon signs

On the other end of the affordability scale, rests neon signs and outdoor big screens. These represent a larger investment and are more expensive to run, but they offer greater visibility with the possibility of multiple messages. This is even more apparent with big screen systems that allow real-time video.

Scrolling signs

In addition to these sign types, scrolling signs offer greater value for money. They allow different messages for display and are installed just like a traditional banner. Most models are based on LED technology that generates almost no heat and draws a tiny amount of power, thus making them very cheap to run. They also require no programming skills to setup and are easy to adapt to new messages.

Different sign needs mean different sign types. Most users feel that banners, displays and scrolling signs are perfect choices when it comes to effectiveness and affordability. This is what makes them popular choices.